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How To Choose The Right Colour Granite For Your Installation

Stunning Granite Countertops For Every Style of Decor

Granite is a popular choice of stone for your kitchen installation – and for good reason! It’s functional, visually pleasing and easy to maintain too. The right granite worktop in your space can really make the décor pop, but with so many colours and patterns to choose from, where should you start? Read this quick guide to help you decide.

Start By Collecting Samples

Granite suppliers will hand out samples to give you an idea of the quality and texture of the material you’ll be receiving. Be aware that granite is a natural stone, so the colour and texture of the stone may vary from one piece to the next. Nevertheless, swatches or samples of granite are an important way to help you choose the type of look you’re going for.

If you’re visiting a kitchen showroom or workshop, be sure to bring your samples with you to check how they might match your different cabinet or lighting combinations.

Will You Choose Dark or Light Granite?

Granite is a truly versatile stone which comes in just about every shade imaginable. To start narrowing down your search for the perfect shade, begin by deciding if you’re interested in a dark

or light shade of granite. The colour scheme for the rest of your room will influence your decision, as will the size of space available to you.

Dark granite is incredibly striking but will naturally make a small kitchen feel even smaller, so it is best suited to spaces where it won’t be too overpowering. By the same reasoning, light granite provides a bright and airy tone to a room, so if you already have a large open plan kitchen diner, then you might be tempted to ditch the neutral tones and go for a bolder shade.

What Is The Lighting Like In Your Kitchen?

Another consideration when choosing your granite worktops is the type of lighting in your room. The right fittings will enhance the beauty of your countertops, displaying the different hues and providing an elegant interior setting. If your room is well-lit, then dark granite looks classy and striking. If you have a more subdued lighting setup in your cooking space, then lighter or more neutral tones of granite might be a better option for you.

Choosing Patterned Granite

Part of the colour selection for your kitchen worktops will be the pattern of granite you choose. As with quartz and marble worktops, your granite surface can contain different colour veins which streak through the stone and look incredibly attractive. You might choose white granite with grey, brown, black or even blue veins to tie in with the colour scheme for the rest of your interior. In fact, a patterned granite can be an eye-catching accent to the room, particularly if you’ve opted for simple flat or shaker style cabinets. Whereas a kitchen which is otherwise colourful can benefit from a granite pattern which is less complex.


What colour granite should I choose?

Before deciding what colour granite to choose, begin by deciding if you’re going for a classic or contemporary style for your kitchen installation. Do you want to choose a granite style which will look just as fashionable a decade from now? In which case, you can’t go wrong with a classic black worktop. Or are you happy to go with the latest trends? These are currently leaning heavily towards white, greys and other neutral tones of countertops, perhaps with a waterfall edge for added wow factor.

What is the best colour granite for kitchen countertops?

A common query is which colours of granite are easier to maintain when selecting them for kitchen installations. The myth is that white shades are challenging to clean – but this isn’t the case at all! Granite worktops should always be sealed with a protective material which will prolong the life of the stone. You’ll need to reseal your countertop periodically according to your manufacturer’s instructions. But once sealed, so long as you’re careful to use coasters and avoid red wine or curry spills, there shouldn’t be any issues with staining or maintenance.

The gentle fleck in your countertop also helps to disguise crumbs and other minor debris. Of course, if you’re really worried about spills on white granite, then black shades are arguably better at hiding any flaws.

How much do granite worktops cost?

Are you interested in investing in a granite worktop for your next interior design project? You’ve made a great choice. To obtain an accurate quote, please get in touch with Marbonyx and we can discuss your requirements in full, including the size of countertops you require. We’ll provide swatches and invite you to visit our workshop in Rochford to view our selection of granite countertops in person if convenient to you.

Please contact Marbonyx on 01702 543 233 today to arrange your consultation and receive a no obligation quote.


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