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Granite is a hard and slightly porous stone; it’s extremely durable, heat resistant and easy to care for, making it the perfect natural stone material for worktops. The stone retains its colour well, and is a popular choice because of its durable material. As one of the most durable materials on earth, granite has a unique appearance and is incredibly easy to maintain.

With its fantastic properties and unique appearance, granite is ideally suited for use as worktops for kitchen and vanity tops for bathrooms; although it can also work as a feature piece in your home such as fireplaces, hearths and even outdoor BBQ areas.

If you are interested in having bespoke granite worktops designed, crafted and installed for an upcoming interior project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Marbonyx team. We take great pride in sourcing and crafting luxury stone into bespoke pieces and bring your dream creations to life.

What is granite?

Granite is a natural, igneous rock which is formed by the slow crystallisation of magma below the Earth’s surface. Granite is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar.

Granite is very popular among homeowners looking for a solid surface in their kitchen. Granite is a sanitary stone, meaning that bacterial contamination isn’t an issue, and it is a natural surface that has an almost luminous look. As granite is formed by immense heat and pressure, it can easily take the heat of a pan and kitchen utensils, and it’s also super easy to clean.

What is granite used for?

Granite is a popular natural stone material, which can be used for kitchen worktops, staircases and exterior stone projects. The versatile stone is beautiful and long-lasting, and is available in a variety of different colours and markings.

What are the benefits of using granite for worktops and staircases?

The biggest highlight in your kitchen is without a doubt the worktops – so help them to stand out and become a centrepiece with the use of granite. Aesthetics aside, they have other beneficial properties, including:

  • Earth-friendly material
  • Durable
  • Resist bacteria and dirt
  • Low Maintenance
  • Heat resistant
  • Can be fixed easily if it does scratch
  • Adds value to your home

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One of our consultants will be on hand at our showroom at a time that best suits you, where you’ll be able to discuss how Marbonyx will be able to help.

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